The Marketplace at the SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange provides an unparalleled opportunity for both delegates and vendors alike. As organizations continue to ramp up their sales spend, the challenge for sales leaders is to determine where to focus those investments. The Marketplace is a convenient, all-in-one place for delegates to connect with current partners as well as see what’s new from leading b-to-b technology and services providers. Delegates will learn about the solutions that can help drive greater sales productivity within their organizations.

SiriusDecisions SLE Marketplace

Showcasing in the Marketplace offers the opportunity to engage and inform these senior-level b-to-b sales leaders and executives about the solutions they need to make an impact on sales productivity. Sponsorship of the Sales Leadership Exchange is limited and by approval only.

Interested in becoming a sponsor at the 2017 SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange? Please fill out the request for info on this page by selecting “Event Sponsorship” from the drop down.

Our Sponsors

  • Allego
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  • Clari
  • Conversica
  • Corporate Visions
  • HireVue
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  • Octiv
  • Qstream
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  • Revegy
  • Savo
  • Seismic
  • Showpad
  • Strategy to Revenue
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