Sirius Keynote Sessions

At Sales Leadership Exchange, you’ll find three types of Keynote Sessions:

  • Adopt: These sessions introduce a model or framework that addresses emerging issues (such as dealing with fermium technology), or better addresses existing issues (such as aligning marketing and sales tech stacks). Adopt sessions define the business issue and technology use case, dig into the specifics of the model or framework, and give you the evidence you need to justify its implementation to address a particular challenge.
  • Operationalize: These sessions provide a step-by-step look at how best to execute against a technology strategy and its associated objectives, including best practices, advice, tools and templates.
  • Optimize: These sessions focus on the advanced use cases for technology and how to use multiple technology categories and business processes together. If your organization has mastered the use of marketing automation, sales force automation and other core marketing and sales technologies, these sessions will provide guidance on how our more advanced clients are using, managing and extending their use of marketing and sales technology.

Each session is coded as focusing on one or two session types. This will help you tailor your SLE experience to include a perfect mix of new ideas, best practices and tips on how to solve issues you are already facing.

Installing a Sales Operating Model That Works

Presenter: Phil Harrell
Session Focus: Adopt

Sales leaders often struggle to define operating standards that ensure flawless execution across their global sales teams. They must balance the need for standardization and consistency in key business practices with the need to allow enough autonomy for management teams to take the initiative and localize according to what’s best for their individual markets. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For chief sales officers, channel sales leaders, sales operations and sales enablement:

  • Gain an understanding of the key structures and processes that make it easy to repeat winning routines across the globe
  • Learn about an approach to assess the current state of a sales organization with regard to corporate and regional alignment
  • See how to identify which processes require standardization across the global sales team, and where to allow for autonomy

Sales Enablement: An Execution Spectrum

Presenters: Heather Cole, Nancy Maluso
Session Focus: Operationalize, Optimize

Although b-to-b organizations continue to debate a correct, complete definition of sales enablement, one element remains relatively constant: Enablement functions are continually asked to take on more tasks with limited resources to execute. So, what are the most important factors to consider when structuring your enablement function and prioritizing resources? This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For chief sales officers:

  • Gain insight into the best practice definition of b-to-b sales enablement
  • Understand how to prioritize sales enablement initiatives based on competencies and capacity within the enablement function

For sales enablement:

  • Learn how to use SiriusDecisions’ new Sales Enablement Execution Spectrum, which facilitates the customization of a sales enablement strategy based on key enterprise attributes
  • See how these attributes drive priorities and structure through examples of various iterations of the spectrum
  • Understand key operating statistics to inform and support enablement decisions

The Enhanced Partner Recruitment Waterfall

Presenter: Mark B. Levinson, Stephanie Sissler
Session Focus: Adopt, Operationalize

More b-to-b organizations have recognized the value that a strong channel program can bring in terms of increased market coverage, greater engagement with buyers and incremental revenue. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing channel partners, many b-to-b sales organizations take the path of quantity over quality – a strategy that yields diminishing returns. The SiriusDecisions Enhanced Partner Recruitment Waterfall is designed to help sales and channel sales leaders align to, qualify and engage with the right partners – ultimately making them more productive. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For chief sales officers:

  • See a model that will help channel teams select and recruit high-potential partners, and accelerate their time to revenue
  • Learn how to ensure that your partner recruitment plan is aligned with your overall sales strategy

For sales leaders:

  • Understand why an ad hoc approach to selecting and recruiting channel partners is so dangerous
  • Learn about the stages in our new Recruitment Waterfall model, based on best practices that help channel leaders ensure their teams are prepared to identify and grow new partners

Pipeline Acceleration: New Ways to Reduce Sales Cycle Time

Presenters: Steve Silver, Dana Therrien
Session Focus: Adopt

SiriusDecisions research indicates that b-to-b reps spend more than half of their time on non-core-selling activities (e.g. creating proposals, seeking pricing approvals, finding sales content, solving billing and customer service issues). Too much time wasted on these activities makes sales organizations less competitive and often gives them the dreaded reputation of being “tough to do business with.” How can b-to-b leaders identify and categorize these time sinks so they can optimize their sales processes while leveraging the innovative technologies that high-performing sales organizations are using to accelerate opportunities, reduce cycle times and improve win rates? This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For chief sales officers and channel sales leaders:

  • See baseline metrics that can be used to assess your current sales time allocation, and a roadmap to prioritize improvement efforts
  • Gain a greater understanding of common and emerging technologies that best-in-class sales organizations are deploying to optimize sales productivity

For sales enablement:

  • Learn about the challenges sales reps face in managing sales technology, as well as process ecosystems and suggestions on training reps to develop the skills required to navigate them

For sales operations:

  • See a repeatable process for capturing and isolating sales time killers, performance issues and productivity roadblocks
  • Learn about a weighted-scorecard approach to evaluating initiatives and projects designed to improve sales productivity