Guest Keynote Sessions

Creating a Sales Enablement Organization Purpose-Built to Drive Sales Growth

Thursday, February 23
9:50 AM

Presenter: Daniel J. Troup, Vice President WW Sales Enablement, Nuance Communications
Session Focus: Adopt, Operationalize

Many b-to-b organizations have elected to define sales enablement through a very specific lens of sales training. Unfortunately, that restricted definition and organizational structure can lead to training that is not aligned to the buyer’s journey and the critical need to reinforce execution of sales programs in the channel and with customers and prospects. This presentation will describe how Nuance decided to align key marketing and training functions under a unified sales enablement structure. It will also show how this holistic approach to sales enablement can produce sales programs that drive measurable performance. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For chief sales officers:

  • Understand Nuance’s model for mapping marketing and training deliverables to field sales execution to create a measurable and repeatable program
  • Learn how Nuance connected sales training to real-world activities that drive improved comprehension and put sales reps on a path to sales expertise

For sales enablement leaders:

  • Understand how Nuance broke down institutional barriers between product marketing, training and field marketing to produce comprehensive sales enablement programs
  • Learn about Nuance’s new extensible sales training model, which leverages the core principles of study, practice and implement

Transformation of a Sales Force in the Age of the Internet of Things

Thursday, February 23
4:50 PM

Presenter: Gus S. Vasilakis, Vice President of Partner Channels, Enterprise and Public Sector, Ciena
Session Focus: Adopt, Operationalize

The telecommunications infrastructure in North America dates back to 1837, when Samuel Morse transmitted the first 10 words per minute message a distance of three miles. Today, in that same minute, petabytes of data move at 100s+ gigabytes per second. Ciena’s technologies enable the Internet of Things for millions of personal devices connected to the World Wide Web. Highly secure private networks support global monetary systems, critical infrastructure such as national power grids, as well as life-saving robotic surgery suites. To align to these new buyer needs, Ciena needed to change its go-to-market strategy. Success required not only internal changes, but also interlocking with partners. In this session, you will hear about the journey of Ciena’s recent transformation of its sales organization and selling strategy. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For chief sales officers:

  • The challenges of aligning account-based selling and marketing to C-level long-range corporate goals
  • Understanding the steps in the creation of an ideal customer and ideal partner persona to enable double-digit growth in a relatively flat market due to pricing compression and competition

For channel sales leaders:

  • Understanding why Ciena’s marketing, channel and pre-sales teams adopted a vertical coverage strategy vs. its historical product and geography approach
  • Learning how Ciena extended its channel reach with a new distribution strategy

A Chief Sales Officer’s Guide to Achieving Balance to Drive Growth

Friday, February 24
9:15 AM

Presenter: Angela Hills, Chief Revenue Officer, Cielo Talent
Session Focus: Adopt

Chief sales officers (CSOs) are under increasing pressure from their CEOs and boards of directors to inject more science into their sales organizations to increase the predictability and repeatability of revenue results.  But CSOs know that the art of selling – how reps connect emotionally with their prospects and tell their company’s story in an authentic way – is still of critical importance in closing business. So, what investments should a CSO make to bring more science into his or her sales organization while still cultivating the art of selling? Angela Hills, chief revenue officer of Cielo Talent, a fast-growing global recruitment process outsourcing company, shares examples of how she leverages both the art and science of sales to drive her global sales team’s performance to record year-over-year growth. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For chief sales officers and channel sales leaders:

  • Scientific approaches that sales leaders can use to enhance the art of selling and accelerate growth

For sales enablement leaders:

  • Insight into what competencies are needed by sales managers and sales reps when a sales leader brings an aligned art and science approach

For sales operations leaders:

  • Knowledge about the measurements and analysis required to help sales leaders achieve balance between intuition and intelligence

Leaders Fireside Chat: Balancing Art and Science

Friday, February 24
11:15 AM

Presenter: Mark B. Levinson
Session Focus: Adopt

Being a leader in today’s b-to-b sales organization requires innovative thinking, agile decisionmaking, and the ability to balance art and science. Throughout this event, you’ve had the chance to hear from our sponsors and their clients, SiriusDecisions analysts, and SiriusDecisions clients. After all the presentations, please join us for a bit of conversation. In this session, our client speakers will join us back on stage for a comfortable open dialogue to share how they think, decide and lead in artistic and scientific ways within their organizations.